We provide assistance to other farms that are engaged in seed production. Our consultant will help to draw up a plan for the use of mineral fertilizers and chemicals for processing plants, as well as other assistance on any issues related to cultivation and obtaining quality seeds. We offer mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of a contract, which is 10% of the crop price.


Located in the district of Erkeksu Mahallesi, our sorting plant includes three types of mechanisms (Excellelek, Triyör, etc.) that carefully sort and process. Fully automatic machine allows to process 5 tons per hour. Also, we make the processing by prior arrangement, which allows us to speed up the processing of the seed from the side.


Grown on our own sown areas, safflower we process into cold pressed oil.Safflower oil contains Omega 6.It's good for health and also has a positive effect for those who want to be in shape.It can be used as well as olive oil. Conscious families especially prefer this oil. Supplied in a 1 liter package. Has a good combination of price and quality.